Flooding in Douglas County

Patricia Miskella stands behind sand bags in her garage on Kayne St. Wednesday.

Patricia Miskella stands behind sand bags in her garage on Kayne St. Wednesday.

Stephanie Way and Johnson Lane are closed due to flooding and debris in the roads.

Emergency Management is currently sending help to the area of concern for assistance.

A truckload of sand from Bing Construction is on its way to the Johnson Lane Volunteer Fire Department for sandbags.

There are reports of cars stranded in running water and flooding in some houses in the Esaw area.

Douglas County Emergency Management is currently working on managing the current flooding in the Johnson Lane area.

Several road closures have occurred in this area; Johnson Lane at Highway 395, East Valley Road at Buckeye Road, Stephanie and Vicky and East Valley Road at Eldon Lane.

East Fork Fire Protection District, Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, Douglas County Road Department, Douglas County Search and Rescue, NHP and the Douglas County Sheriff’s Posse are out assisting residents and responding to the issues.

“Public officials are asking that the public remain out of the area unless you are a homeowner, and please understand that the current conditions are very hazardous,” Sgt. Pat Brooks said. “Please when driving in this area slowdown in this area as heavy equipment and emergency personnel are still working in this area. Please remain out of the area unless you have business being in this area.”

Brooks said concerns include the potential for undermined roads, trees and foundations.

“Caution should be used when the public is in and around this area,” he said. “The public should be on the lookout for any hazardous materials to include liquid propane tank that may have been dislodged during the flood. Should anyone come into contact with an immediate concern about a hazardous material please notify the East Fork Fire Protection District or your utility company that services the issue immediately.”

Additional heavy rains are forecast for the next several hours.

Jo Lane in Fish Springs is also starting to flood.


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