Nevada Appeal at 150: Nov. 20, 1921: Dangberg will subdivide holdings in Carson Valley

Nov. 20, 1921

Dangberg will subdivide holdings in Carson Valley

H.F. Dangberg, of the Dangberg Land & Livestock Company, yesterday made the definite announcement that his firm is about to sub-divide one thousand acres of rich farm land lying east of Minden and Gardnerville and have already made several sales, says the Gardnerville Record-Courier. This is following out a program that has long been contemplated by the Dangberg Company, and one which means much to Carson Valley. The land is to be sub-divided into units of ten, twenty and forty acres. The sub-division also includes an eighty-acre tract north of Minden, purchased a few years ago by the Dangberg Company from Chas Spingmeyer.

Mr. Dangberg states that as soon as the thousand-acre tract has been subdivided, that some two thousand additional acres, east of the Haybourn tract, work of clearing which has already started will be sub-divided into small tracts.

In order to provide this two thousand-acre tract with adequate water rights, the Dangberg Company will start work next spring on a storage system at Hynana Lake, Alpine County, Calif., preliminary surveys on the project having already been made.

With the expense of approximately $30,000, it will be possible to build a storage system with a capacity of 400 acre-feet of water which is sufficient to supply 4,000 acres of land throughout the irrigating season.

The recent federal census revealed the surprising fact that during the past ten years the farm units in Carson Valley decreased rather than increased, despite the fact that the new farm units in the Haybourn tract were developed during that time. However, during the same period, many of the small farms in Carson Valley were consolidated with other holdings and the number of units actually decreased, instead of increasing.

A thousand-acre tract divided into twenty-acre farms would mean fifty additional families brought to this community, or 3,000 acres, 150 families. That the Dangberg Company is now ready to sub-divide this amount of its rich farm land, a large portion of which adjoins Minden and Gardnerville, is one of the most important announcements that has been made in recent years, and the company is to be strongly commended and heartily supported by the people of this community for its decision in taking a real step that means so much to every individual in this section.

This continues the Appeal’s review of news stories and headlines during its Sesquicentennial year.


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