Minden asks residents to reduce water use

Sprinklers overspray a lawn and run into the gutters Wednesday in Minden.

Sprinklers overspray a lawn and run into the gutters Wednesday in Minden.

Minden implemented voluntary water restrictions this week in recognition of a fourth straight year of drought.

The town is asking residents with even-numbered addresses to water on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and those with odd-numbered address to water on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Minden’s asking residents not to water between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., or to use water for decorative purposes.

Under a resolution signed last week, the town is asking residents not to allow water to pool, pond or run off from watered areas. They are also asking residents not to wash down sidewalks, parking areas or decks using water from the town’s system unless required to maintain health or safety.

Vehicle washing should only be done with hoses equipped with an automatic shut-off valve or at a carwash.

“The town, with the assistance of our regional partners, and the Nevada Water Engineer, continues to monitor the impact of increased pumping in the area,” Town Manager Jenifer Davidson said. “So far, we have seen no indication that the aquifer cannot handle what we are collectively asking it to produce; however it is important for the overall sustained health of the aquifer that each customer of the regional system make water-wise decisions daily.”


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