Mustang Ranch wins Nevada Brothel of the Year

The Mustang Ranch won the “Nevada Brothel of the Year” Award at the Annual CWMC Banquet at the Tamarack Casino in Reno. CWMC is a national internet-based organization that supports legal prostitution. This is the second consecutive year the Mustang Ranch won the award.

“I am so proud of this award,” said Madam Tara. “This shows that all our efforts toward making the Mustang Ranch a true adult luxury resort have really had an impact. We try to be different than the typical brothels by offering a relaxed adult club-style atmosphere instead of the typical ‘it’s all about business’ vibe you see in other establishments. And we associate with an upscale type of courtesan who are fun and classy.”

“The part about the Mustang Ranch that creates our good karma is our charitable giving,” said Don Gilman, manager of the Mustang Ranch. “Every week we provide food for the elderly in Storey County. We also raise funds for the Storey County School system, and help to support numerous community activities, including the re-opened Storey County Library,” he said. “The Mustang provides tens of thousands of dollars each year supporting these charitable activities all focused on those who are in need in Storey County. Another area of success for the Mustang this year is our trademarked Mustang Ranch clothing line, which has really taken off. Sales are now running at a rate which is annually in six figures. We have two outlets for our products and they are flying off the shelf, I think in large part due to the fun, tolerant ambiance we create at the Ranch.”


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