Realtor eyes ‘solid’ local house inventory

More than 140 houses are on the market that haven’t reached the pending sale status, and five homes sold in the past week, according to a listings report for Carson City compiled by Gianna Shirk, local real estate agent.

“There’s a solid 141 with no issues sitting there for sale,” she said Monday. “It tells me — when I ran this report for the last seven days -- there’s a lot of properties for sale. It really was shocking to me how many there are out there.”

Shirk’s data showed another 75 residences are listed as active/pending, which means they are in escrow subject to a house, loan or short sale approval.

In all there were 221 residences shown in her data, if you include the five sold, with one of the five selling since July 12 going above the asking price and three of the other four at least near the list price. Asked if that didn’t reveal a tight market, she said there are often things unaccounted for in analyzing mere statistics and pricing she couldn’t know and so she didn’t speculate.

A three bedroom, two baths house of 1,508 square feet, with a two-vehicle garage, located at 2410 Harvest Dr. sold on Friday for $235,000 even though it had been listed at just under $230,000. Of the other four, three sold within $6,000 or less of the asking prices and just one, which is on Pinewood Place, sold for $20,000 under asking. The three bedroom, three bath house with four-vehicle garage space was more than $700,000.

It was the most expensive of the five and, if you went by floor space, easily was the most pricey at more than $185 per square foot. The house on Harvest Drive sold for almost $156 per square foot as it moved above the list price. The other three ranged from $134 to near $180 per square foot.

In the data Shirk pulled from active listings in Carson City, six of the active houses since July 12 were called new listings. They are at 343 Springview Dr., 2461 Pinebrook, 4242 Furgerson Ranch Rd., 1616 Hamilton Ave., 1406 Ridge Point Dr., and 930 W. Robinson St.


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