Kim Lee’s big winner in Carson City’s ‘Best of’ awards

Kim Lee's Sushi and Oyster Bar, voted the best again in 2015.

Kim Lee's Sushi and Oyster Bar, voted the best again in 2015.

Kim Lee’s Sushi and Oyster Bar was a big winner at the Nevada Appeal’s Best of Carson City 2015, with nine awards for outstanding food and atmosphere.

For more than a decade, the restaurant, which features traditional and fusion style Japanese cuisine, has been voted the best by Nevada Appeal readers, this year taking the top spots with No. 1 in best sushi and take out as well as second place for categories such as best overall, best lunch and dinner and best customer service.

“Customer satisfaction is why we do what we do,” said Kim Lee general manager Charlie Bloomfield. “Seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they come in and say that they had an amazing experience is worth all of it, it’s the ultimate reward.”

Kim Lee’s has been a Northern Nevada native since 1998, where it was first established in Reno before moving across Nevada into Gardnerville, Spanish Springs, Carson City and Reno. It has been in Carson City for about seven years in the historic district of downtown Carson City off of Telegraph and Carson Street.

The building that houses Kim Lee’s is part of the national historical sites registry, due to the building being built in 1973 by the Kitzmeyer Furniture Factory. Bloomfield said the old building gives a charm many patrons find “quaint and old fashioned.”

One of the reasons management thinks played a factor in its many wins is its focus on quality.

“We are known for our quality and freshness,” Bloomfield said. “We have had the same fish vendors for years and have established a relationship with them so they are all they use. They have a higher food cost, but we provide the highest quality sashimi grade.”

Bloomfield also credits the success to the relationship the restaurant has to its patrons, especially between customer and chef.

“Our chefs are talented and fast and they have all different personalities that people enjoy,” Bloomfield said. “Some will request their favorite chef because they build that connection and sit and talk about sports or life. We strive to make customers feel like they are welcome and at home like they are a guest in our house.”

Kim Lee’s is also a place where customers don’t have to just like sushi to enjoy the food, Bloomfield said the restaurant has a variety of dishes for those who don’t want to give sushi a chance but still want to eat at Kim Lee’s.

For those Kim Lee lovers, it also offer a special loyalty email program where patrons can enjoy perks such as free sushi and special deals. To join visit the restaurant and request to be signed up.


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