Mining Association honors safety efforts

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The Nevada Mining Association released the winners of its 2015 Safety Awards as part of the organization’s ongoing commitment to fostering safety in mine operations throughout the state and honoring those who go above and beyond expectations to ensure workers return home safely after every shift.

“Safety continues to be the number one priority for Nevada mining companies and employees,” said Dana Bennett, NVMA president. “We received an unprecedented number of individual nominations and will also be presenting several ‘Sentinel of Safety’ awards to operators with zero reportable injuries in 2014. The NVMA is thrilled to thank and recognize the hard working men and women who continue to dedicate themselves to making mining one of the safest professions in our great state.”

This year 34 awards will be given to mine operators and 71 awards will be given to individual employees during an event at NVMA’s annual convention in Lake Tahoe on Saturday, Sept. 12. A partial list of NVMA 2015 Safety Awards winners can be found below. For more information, visit

General Manager: Robert Stepper, Coeur Mining.

Safety Manager: Mark Carlson, American Drilling Corp.

Safety Professional: Temby Lawrence, Newmont Mining Corp.; and Aaron Weight, Barrick Goldstrike Mines Inc.

Mine Manager/Superintendent: Tracy Carroll, Newmont Mining Corp.; Don Dwyer, Barrick Gold Corp.; Daryl Everett, Robinson Nevada; Mike Isaak, Klondex Mines Ltd.; Sam Marich, Barrick Goldstrike; and Lorin Noble, Coeur Mining;

General Supervisor/Middle Management: Wes Amos, Round Mountain; Page Adkins, Barrick Gold Corp.; Pat Chacon, Barrick Goldstrike; Pete Chavez, Newmont Mining Corp.; Scott Lawson, Klondex Mines Ltd.; Max Lujan, Coeur Mining; Tom Stannard, Newmont Mining Corp.; and John Taule, Barrick Gold Corp.

Trainer: Wynn Anderson, Silver Standard Mining; Bobbi Jo Bostic, Robinson Nevada; and Nikkayla Simon, Barrick Goldstrike.

Supervisor: John Bailey, Newmont Mining Corp.; Jason Deputy, Klondex Mines Ltd.; Dale Freese, Newmont Mining Corp.; Tim Felzein, Klondex Mines Ltd.; Neil Hastings, American Drilling Corp.; Dave Kelly, Silver Standard Mining; Terry Krantz, Barrick Gold Corp.; DeeJay Leach, Barrick Goldstrike; Shawn Migas, Newmont Mining Corp.; John Moffitt, Newmont Mining Corp.; John Neary, Newmont Mining Corp.; Justin Petrie, Barrick Gold Corp.; Russell Sheets, Newmont Mining Corp.; Wayne Thompson, Barrick Gold Corp.; Art Williams, Coeur Mining; and Chris Zeiler, Barrick Goldstrike Mines Inc.

Non-Supervisory Trainer: Leonard Barraza, Newmont Mining Corp.; David Johnson, Barrick Goldstrike; Mary Myrick, Barrick Gold Corp.; and Lorenzo Olivas, Coeur Mining.

Emergency Response: Dave Baker - Newmont Mining Corp.; Rob Carter, Newmont Mining Corp.; Jeff Freeman, Barrick Gold Corp.; Travis Petersen, Newmont Mining Corp.; and Andrew Smith, Silver Standard Mining.

Safety Champion: Mike Andersen, Silver Standard Mining; Kent Barrett, Newmont Mining Corp.; Dan Brown, Round Mountain; Nikki Cooley, Round Mountain; Joel Dunkin, Coeur Mining; Lester Gilman, Barrick Gold Corp.; Steve Justus, Air Products & Chemicals; Mark Koopman, Klondex Mines Ltd.; Chris Laloup, Klondex Mines Ltd.; Porsche Lee, Newmont Mining Corp.; Aaron Leininger, Barrick Goldstrike; Dave Murphy, Graymont; Diana Nelson, Newmont Mining Corp.; Reid Olsen, Barrick Gold Corp.; Billy Richardson, Klondex Mines Ltd.; Sean Riley - Newmont Mining Corp.; Dave Roberson, Newmont Mining Corp.; Scott Taylor, Coeur Mining; Edward Tester, Barrick Gold Corp.; Vaughn Tripp, Graymont; Wayne Tucker, Klondex Mines Ltd.; Josh Upton, Newmont Mining Corp.; and Adam Wilson, Barrick Goldstrike.Special awards went to Earl Doege and Randy Harris for outstanding careers in safety.

Winners of the mine operator categories were:

Surface operations for large companies of 300 or more employees:

First place: Round Mountain Gold Corp.

Second place: Newmont Mining Corp.– South Area.

Third place: Barrick Goldstrike Mines Inc. – Goldstrike.

Surface operations for large companies for medium companies of 100-299 employees:

First place: Newmont Mining Corp., Mill 6

Second place: Newmont Mining Corp., Genesis

Third place: Barrick Goldstrike Mines Inc., Roaster.

Surface Operations for large companies of small companies of 20- 99 employees:

First place: (tie) Newmont Mining Corp., Lone Tree; and Barrick Gold of North America – Ruby Hill.

Second place: Rawhide Mining LLC, Denton Rawhide Mine.

Underground operations for large companies of 300 or more employees:

First place: Barrick Gold of North America, Turquoise Ridge.

Second place: Barrick Gold of North America, Cortez.

Third place: Barrick Goldstrike Mines Inc., Meikle/Rodeo.

Underground operations for medium companies of 100-299 employees:

First place: Newmont Mining Corporation, Exodus.


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