BLM OKs natural gas pipeline right-of-way

The Bureau of Land Management’s Tuscarora field office has signed a decision record approving a right-of-way for a natural gas pipeline in Elko County.

Paiute Pipeline Company’s 2015 Elko Area Expansion Project would consist of about 35.2 miles of new 8-inch-diameter natural gas pipeline; a new above ground interconnection at Ruby Pipeline, LLC’s Wieland Flat Compressor Station; two new isolation valves; and modifications to PPC’s existing Elko City Gate.

The purpose of the project is to expand the available capacity of natural gas delivered to Elko, according to a news release from the BLM. The project would address the growing demands for natural gas, including increased residential and business load, and the greater energy needs of mining operations in the Elko area. The pipeline requires a 75-foot wide temporary right-of-way during construction, and a 50-foot wide permanent right-of-way after construction is complete.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission served as the lead agency for Paiute’s application for the 2015 Elko Area Expansion Project. FERC used the environmental assessment it prepared according to the National Environmental Policy Act to issue its certificate for the 2015 Elko Area Expansion Project on May 14.

BLM participated as a cooperating agency in the preparation of the EA because the project would cross federally administered lands in Nevada. The documents are available for viewing online on the district’s Web site at .

For more information on the 2015 Elko Expansion Project, please contact Elisabeth Puentes, realty specialist, at or 775-753-0294.


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