Carson City school district revamping bullying policy

The Carson City School Board is trying to enact new policies towards bullying and cyber bullying that will create a more clear and comprehensive definition and regulation of the issue.

At the school board meeting Tuesday, members reviewed the agenda item to eventually be considered for approval that included the new changes to the policy and regulation of bullying that complies with the bills passed in the recent legislative session.

Most of the major changes in the policy and regulation is the language used, said Associate Superintendent of Educational Service Department Susan Keema before the meeting. It helps to clarify and be more specific so the public understands exactly what constitutes bullying and what to do about it.

One big change is the definition of bullying isn’t just written, verbal or physical, but it now includes actions through things such as electronics, property damage, gestures or sexual images. Another major change is the regulation clarifies exactly what school officials need to do when they witness or get a report about a bullying incident. Keema said this policy is being used in all 17 school districts in Nevada so there’s a consistent response to bullying in schools.

“We are (updating the policy and regulation) so that the public can go to our website and to the policy and regulation section and know exactly our expectations on bullying as redefined by the legislature,” Keema said. “We all need to send the same message.”

As a part of these new regulations, the Carson City School District also will be providing community resources for families who have been impacted by bullying. Keema said the district is trying to work with organizations such as Partnership Carson City, mental health resources and the Sheriff’s Office to give families a place to go when bullying happens. The district will also be providing training for all school officials to best handle and implement the new regulations.

The Carson City School District will soon have a list of resources for bullying victims to go to, but for now families dealing with bullying can visit


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