Letters to the editor for Friday, July 31, 2015

O’Neill, Kieckhefer did what they were elected to do

I read with interest Lynn Muzzy’s letter in the July 19 edition. What is not realized, either by Muzzy or other “grass-roots Republicans,” is what Sen. Kieckhefer and Assemblyman O’Neill did. They were elected by voters to do right for Nevada, though we may not always concur.

As Gov. Sandoval stated in his State of the State message, his goal this Legislature was to improve our schools. The educational system in this state was not only inadequate for students of all grades; it was also not conducive to attracting industry, aside from gaming and mining that has been so desperately needed in Nevada.

We needed to expand this state’s horizons. If Nevada had continued to support a strict anti-tax policy, if it continued to do nothing, it would have remained a state stuck in the post-mining depression of our early 20th century. Our governor — and the Legislature — passed laws and taxes to change that. Taxes are painful. But they are our down payment toward a better educational system for students — with a better and more competitive 21st century Nevada as the reward.

Anti-tax is not a good thing, and it is not a valid solution. We need to spend — albeit, wisely. Being careful with our tax dollars but supporting programs that will improve our overall state is the goal.

O’Neill and Kieckhefer did exactly what they were elected to do — represent the voters wisely, carefully, and get the most for our state, doing this as fairly as they could.

Joel Kirk

Carson City

Carson City doesn’t need to grow

There has been a lot of discussion lately about the need for Carson City to grow. Why? Currently the city has a population of approximately 54,522, according to the 2014 census. The people are very friendly and there are enough services, stores and small government to accommodate everyone it would seem and yet there is this move by some “connected” people to grow. This is particularly true of the downtown area. Even though the citizens voted against the original downtown plan, a work around was found and is now being implemented.

Growing the city does not come without pitfalls though. More people means increased services; fire/medical; sheriff; street maintenance; snow removal; trash removal; sewer and water use will increase (keeping in mind that we have already been asked to cut back on water use). Just how much growth can Carson City support? Taxes will also have to increase to pay for this increase in services.

When I retired I moved here from San Diego (after living there for 50 years) because I wanted to live in an area that: 1. Was affordable; 2. Has less crime; 3. Was small enough that people treated everyone as though they were friends. That is what I have found but my experience over those years have shown me that as a city grows, all those things gradually fade away. More crime, more crowding and less friendliness. Keep that in mind as you hear those who proclaim the need for growth.

David Knighton

Carson City

Nevada Humane Society right about declawing

This letter is in response to the former veterinarian who complained about the Humane Society adoption policy regarding the painful procedure of declawing.

Naturally it would not inform each potential adopter ahead of time of the list of animal abuses that would render a candidate unfit to adopt. The Humane Society policy is most appropriate regarding declawing: The protection of furniture is never an excuse to abuse an animal.

Carol Weed

Carson City


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