Nevada voter registration numbers flat in May

While most Nevada counties saw an increase both in total and active voters in May, the statewide total increased by just 306.

The reason was Washoe County officials performed a routine maintenance of their rolls, reducing the number of actives on the list by 6,575.

Although that reduced the number of active voters in Washoe to 217,049, it had almost no impact on total registration, which fell by just 95 names to 258,935.

Statewide, total registration was 1,420,536 as of the end of May with 1,193,965 listed as active.

Of those actives, 39.36 percent (469,893) are Democrats and 34.73 percent (414,620) are Republicans. The next largest group is the nonpartisans who make up 19.49 percent of the total at 232,731 voters. Just 4,71 percent or 56,207 voters identify themselves as Independent Americans with the remaining 1.7 percent registered as members of the various minor parties.

Voters become listed as inactive when they fail to return a residency confirmation letter or when information from the Postal Service indicates they have moved out of the county. But inactive voters are still eligible to vote so long as they meet other legal requirements.

According to the Secretary of State’s office, there are 28,351 registered voters in Carson City and 34,024 in Douglas along with 12,798 in Churchill County.

Carson’s total is up 1,180 from a year ago and Douglas gained 1,057.

But Churchill lost 763 voters over the course of the year.

The statistics are available on the Secretary of State’s website at


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