Carson City top young lawyer community

Carson City is about to be named a top tier small city, this time as a haven for young lawyers, according to Mayor Robert Crowell.

The mayor, who’s a lawyer, said he was contacted recently by GoodCall, a data research company, which intended to release a report naming Nevada’s capital city one of the top 10 small communities in the nation for recent law graduates to both live and work. The exact ranking wasn’t divulged, but the mayor said he was asked for a comment and supplied it for the announcement expected next week.

“Carson City prides itself on its unique quality of life for individuals and families of all ages, and particularly those members of the millennial generation looking to work, live (or) play in a family friendly environment,” the mayor said he told the researcher.

The mayor also cited the city’s bicycle-friendly approach, excellent public and private schools, great health care, as well as a reasonable cost of living in a setting that includes thousands of acres of open space. He said the open space is laced with hiking and biking trails. He also mentioned there are other amenities not found elsewhere, then added to his list of proud kudos that led to GoodCall firm’s recognition.

“As the capital of Nevada, we are proud to be viewed as one of the top ten smaller communities for law school graduates to live and work,” he said.

The GoodCall report apparently was based on an examination of salaries for attorneys, job availability and the cost of living in the community, according to what the mayor was told.

Previously, Carson City was identified in a survey by USA Today readers and social media devotees as the nation’s top state capital to visit. The city Visitor’s Bureau later was contacted about participating in a GoogleTrekker project to map the city’s hike and bike trails system, and that bureau has lured an Epic Ride mountain biking event here for next summer and in subsequent years.


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