Letters to the editor for Saturday, June 6, 2015

Never leave child in a car

To my surprise at the Carson City main Post Office, I found, parking next to a vehicle which was running, a small child inside, windows rolled up. As a parent/grandparent/daughter of a police officer, I was appalled.

Thank you to the gentleman who waited with the vehicle while I went inside and made the announcement that the police were going to be called and returned outside. A young lady came out stating that was her car. We informed her it was against the law. Her answer was, “I had the car running and air on.”

The news has had several incidents where children were found dead in cars. Cars running/air on is no excuse. The car can die in a split second, so can your child. Taking a few extra minutes, taking your child with you, might save a life.

Cathy Tomko

Carson City


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