Lyon County Sheriff’s Office reminds motorists to follow traffic restrictions

Dayton drivers are reminded to follow the traffic restrictions near the Smith’s Shopping Center on Highway 50, according to The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office.

A new restriction prohibits drivers from turning left out of the shopping center, however the LCSO has been receiving complaints drivers are ignoring the restrictions.

The office said these new controls are designed to add traffic safety to a congested area and when drivers turn left, it not only is a danger to other drivers, but it’s illegal.

Left turns onto Highway 50 can be made on either side of the shopping center using Retail Road or Pinecone Road. However, it’s also illegal for drivers to turn right out of Retail Road, Pinecone Road or the Smith’s driveway and then made a U-turn across the yellow divide just past the median.

The LCSO also wants to advise drivers they can’t use the median marked by the double solid yellow line to sit and wait for a break in traffic.

Deputies along with Nevada Highway Patrol will be watching for and addressing these issues.


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