Book review: Dennis Hof and the business of brothels in Nevada

Dennis Hof has written an autobiography, “The Art of the Pimp.” It’s easy reading if you’re not too squeamish as he portrays himself as a successful business man, owning seven brothels, including the Moonlite Bunny Ranch.

He’s amoral, has sex with the girls who work for him and others who wander into his web. But it isn’t all brothels and endless sex; early on he owned gas stations in Reno and supervised a business of selling resort timeshares in San Diego. Clearly, he knows how to conduct businesses other than brothels. Young businessmen could benefit from reading the book and seeing how to sell — self and others.

The book is easy to read, much like chatting with a friend. Apparently he was helped by Pablo F. Fenjves, who isn’t credited. But the writing is clear and simple — just telling the amoral story.

There’s even a full color comic book-type section by Robert Grossman picturing Hof flying about.

A surpassing aspect of the book is the inclusion of negative comments about Hof from former prostitutes and a lengthy fairly negative psychoanalysis of Hof by a psychiatrist. Hof apparently isn’t afraid of negative publicity.

There’s lots of story here, how much is true is uncertain.

But it’s entertaining and may tell us more than we want to know about the legal brothels in Nevada.

The book can be ordered online.


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