Heavenly Father deserves our honor

Our heavenly father loves us and he’s constantly working to promote our best interests. The Apostle Paul puts it this way, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.”

Through the centuries, countless examples have been given in support of Paul’s conclusions. Joseph’s is a perfect case. God works behind the scenes, but his presence is clearly visible. Joseph’s brothers, Potiphar’s wife and the forgetful butler cannot thwart God’s purpose and his plans for Joseph. Even the intended evil God works for good — to the saving of a family and a nation.

Like countless Christians, I too have seen God work in amazing ways. In the 1990s, I was a member of an evangelistic team which traveled to Russia seven times in order to preach the gospel, distribute Bibles and to help start churches.

On one such occasion, our bus broke down on the way to our first evangelistic meeting. If our team would not arrive at that first meeting, the people would not show up at the subsequent meetings.

We called the bus company and could not get another bus in time. So we did the only thing that we could do — we prayed. In a short time, a van and a car were provided.

The service that night was orchestrated by the Holy Spirit. When the invitation was extended, the first person to respond and to give his life to Christ was the driver of the van. He wouldn’t have been in the audience that evening, except for a broken down bus and a God who works all things together for our good.

What’s God’s purpose? His purpose is to reconcile people to himself and then to help those same people “to be conformed to the likeness of His Son.” He continues his great work day after day and in dramatic fashion! He’s definitely a Father worthy of honor this Father’s Day and every day. Amen!

Ken Haskins is pastor of First Christian Church in Carson City.


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