Letters to the editor for Friday, June 26, 2015

Resources should go to existing museums

Why make a museum out of the old Nevada State Prison?

Nevada, especially Carson City, has some of the greatest museums in the United States. Our State Museum in the old Mint building is a fantastic asset — showing what the Silver State was and where we came from. Our Railroad Museum is world-class: exhibiting rare operable locomotives and cars from as far back as 1875.

Instead of trying to do “one more” museum, why not forgo that dusty, dank, hot place where there aren’t very many good memories; instead putting the money toward supporting museums that we already have and enjoy?

Is it possible to take the available state funding and ... enlarge the storage and archives section of our State’s Museum — enabling the citizens of Nevada to enjoy more exhibits of our great state’s past?

Our Railroad Museum is more obvious — we have the only McKeen motor car in the world, and it runs! And we have not one, but two 1875 locomotives that are not only restored, but are also able to be steamed under their own power! Why not build an addition to the Railroad Museum exhibit hall that will protect these and other historic artifacts so they can be displayed and enjoyed?

There is such a thing as “too many riches;” can we forgo another new museum and instead concentrate on the two amazing museums in Carson City that need the state’s support and funding for all of us to enjoy?

Joel Kirk

Carson City


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