Cheers & Kudos: Get in the Act delivers adventure in learning to Fremont Elementary

Get in the Act energized students at Fremont Elementary in Carson City with its innovative Science Theater Program in May. Through the generous support of The Nevada Arts Council, Science Theater used dynamic theater techniques to connect Force and Motion concepts to third and fourth-graders’ everyday world. Because students dramatized these science concepts in memorable scenes, they learned and retained the content associated with these scenes.

Led by teaching artist Diane Handzel, students at Fremont questioned, investigated, observed, and described vital science fundamentals as they worked with their peers in this standards-based enrichment program.

Get in the Act thanks Principal Gilles and her teachers and staff for a wonderful partnership that delivered genuine science learning to Fremont’s students. Based in Stateline, Science Theater has served more than 7,500 students in 21 schools since 2009.

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Gary Handzel



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