Business expansion is the law of the The Jungle

The owner of The Jungle, formerly known as Java Jungle and Jungle Vino, has renovated and expanded the café and bar. What previously were two separate areas have now been combined into one central unit.

Owner Matt Polley said that it was an easy decision to combine the bar with the coffeehouse because it allows for the two to be kept separate yet together in one open space.

“We have a new raised stage where we’ll have all sorts of entertainment,” Polley said. “The entire backdrop in the Barroom is made of remanufactured whiskey staves. It’s really pretty cool” he added.

In order to make this change, the business suffered a slight financial loss due to the bar being shut down during the renovation and expansion. However, the project stayed well under the budget of $100,000.

The current staff has been trained in order to be ready for this new expansion, and Polley hopes to increase the staffing by at least 25 to prepare for the expected increase in business.

When it comes to food and drinks, new things are coming.

The Jungle has tripled its beer, wine, and spirits selection and will be adding gourmet menu items such as specialty sandwiches and small plates. In addition, they now will offer breakfast options and boxed lunches.

The key local vendors for The Jungle include Tavern Products, Magpie Roasters and House of Bread.

“We plan to keep it small and simple but with very high quality and, when possible, locally sourced products. We plan to be very competitive with our price points while giving great value for the money,” Polley said.

By promoting themselves on social media, The Jungle is able to attract a younger demographic, which is great for business.

Polley anticipates a nice increase in revenue that will be sustainable for the years to come.

Polley does not have any other expansion plans at this point in time, but rather is focusing on this great opportunity in downtown Reno.

This August will mark 25 years since the Jungle’s grand opening in the historic Riverwalk.

The Jungle is located at 246 W 1st Street in Reno.


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