Carson City’s Ormsby Club open six days a week

Don Lehr of Carson City’s Cubix Corp,, who’s overseeing renovation of the Ormsby House hotel and casino, said his Ormsby Club is now open six days a week.

He said the club, which had been operating on Fridays and Saturdays, a couple of weeks ago began opening every day of the week except Sunday at 3 p.m. He disclosed that at a Northern Nevada Development Association breakfast gathering Friday. Regarding the hotel/casino, however, Lehr kept his counsel on when he might reopen it for business.

Ronni Hannaman, executive director of the city’s Chamber of Commerce, buttonholed Lehr as people gathered before the breakfast gathering and said the community needs the business meeting space in the hotel. Lehr didn’t disagree, but didn’t disclose he might take that step. He has been operating the Ormsby Club, which is in the parking garage structure behind the hotel, for some time as the hotel’s renovation continues.

The Ormsby House is on the block at the southwest corner of South Carson and 5th streets; the club is a block to the west at 600 S. Curry St.


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