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140 Years Ago

Another runaway. Honorable Bob Lowery, ex-Speaker of the Assembly, volunteered to act as driver of a one-horse buggy containing two married ladies. Bob landed his precious freight safe and sound, but as he turned the unprincipled beast townwards, he (the beast) took the bit in his mouth and started, pell-mell. This is an old trick of the varmint and the first thing that happed to the driver was his being snatched head-first and awkward, over the dashboard and into the street. The horse freed himself from the gearing and went tearing off like a horse with the jim-jams, slap into a blacksmith shop and out again.

130 Years Ago

Convivial drinking bill. Hamill’s bill to prevent convivial drinking passed the House. The bill punished with a fine of $20 anyone who treats another. The House took a high moral stand because one half the intemperance in the state arises from convivial method of drink. Such a law would straighten up a lot of chronic old bums.

110 Years Ago

Lynching at Hazen. A mob visited the Hazen jail, broke down the door and took out “Red” Wood, a notorious Derby thug and hanged him to the nearest telephone pole. It was not until morning that the people of the place discovered the body swinging at the end of a rope. The officials say there will be no further inquiry. Who composed the mob is a mystery ...

70 Years Ago

Advertisement. “Ford V-8 for 1935 — This year the 1935 Ford V-8 gives you traditional low prices and operating economy, but also increased riding comforts and body roominess. Consider these new Ford V-8 improvements. Comfort Zone Riding that gives ‘front seat comfort’ even to rear seat passengers. Larger, more comfortable seats. Big, air-balloon tires. Easier steering. Safety glass, Welded, all steel body and powerful brakes. Pozzi Motor Co., Carson City, Nevada.”

50 Years Ago

Licensing exams. John N. Glover, chief of the Department of Motor Vehicle’s Driver License Division, announced a general upgrading of driver license examine procedures. All persons applying for an original Nevada operator’s or chauffeur’s license will be required to pass a complete examination including an eye test, road rules and signs examination and practical driving test.

15 Years Ago

Advertisement. “Northridge builds homes with you in mind. Northridge presents affordable single family homes from 1280 to 1980 square feet located at the north end of Carson City, starting at $134,450.

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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