Past Pages for Sunday, March 8, 2015

140 Years Ago

Down on the racecourse. Mike Stewart complains of the carelessness of the Chinese shooters. Some months back a horse pastured on the track was shot through the nose by a stray bullet from Chinatown, a shot from the Celestial quarters went right through the side of the State Orphans’ Home, and Joe Cowing’s house has been peppered several times.

130 Years Ago

Greasing the second pig. Mr. Cagwin secured a thoroughbred Berkshire, and he and Sommers attempted to grease it. Sommers held the pig while Cagwin smeared on the lard, but the pig slid under Sommers. The pig got away, but Sommers did not lose the lard; it was on his clothes. Then Cagwin held the pig while Sommers greased it. Then they got Meder to hold one of the pig’s legs. They got the pig well larded when it began to climb up onto Meder, and the men laid it on its back to hold it. The pig got away and each man accused the other. (Continued on Tuesday).

110 Years Ago

Grey, Reid and Wright. Mr. Wright has ordered a clean sweep of the S. B. Cohen stock. It will be sold at almost any old price. The women need to get in there early to get the best bargains.

70 Years Ago

Carson Junior High “The Pow Wow” — Melvin Woodgate, editor, and Grace Anderson, assistant editor — The state basketball tournament is now in progress, and there is a great deal of anxiety among the students — Team members Donald Duke came to school on crutches, Bob Shiver was injured in a practice game, and Jimmie Lynd was home with a cold.

50 Years Ago

Members of the Daughters of the American Revolution from all parts of the state were in Carson City where they attended the 40th Annual DAR Convention. Gov. Grant Sawyer was guest of honor at a luncheon held at the Presbyterian Church. In attendance were Mrs. Samuel A. Warner, state regent, and Mrs. Clarence J. Thorton, regent of the John C. Fremont Chapter.

15 Years Ago

Vacant buildings. There are dozens of empty manufacturing buildings in Carson City even though the economy is booming, according to Kris Holt, executive director of the Northern Nevada Development Authority.

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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