Letters to the editor for Wednesday, March 11, 2015

State could find money to fund WNC sports

When in one week we hear the WNC baseball program has achieved national recognition, and the next it’s canceled for lack of funds, it begins to sound like a ploy to leverage support for the tax hike. Don’t buy it.

The state could find the sum needed to fund this program almost anywhere if they wanted. Even if they don’t completely revamp the tax structure like they should, as recommended by an ExxonMobil and Koch Foundations study commissioned in recent years. After all, it’s only the most regressive in the nation.

But that’s the point. We don’t really want to be the best at anything, except for being the worst. Not if it means ending the free ride of those who’ve had it for so long here. This shysterly sham of a tax bill is both a slap in the face and an insult to our intelligence. It’s the same tax we defeated at the polls and an ill-disguised attempt to extend the burden on those who’ve always had to pay.

So if that’s the way he wants it, let the program die. Better these kids find out sooner than later how far their leaders are willing to go in compromising them for the sake of political expediency.

Kelly Jones

Carson City

No solar collections in Carson Valley

I oppose any large solar farms in this valley. Their has been efforts in Carson Valley to prevent development of the large ranches to preserve the beauty of our valley. When I came to this area almost 37 years ago, my first impression was the view coming down Kingsbury. It was a game changer and the reason that I and my family came here and stay here.

There are many places that a solar farm could be located in Nevada, such as adjusted to Valmy power generating plant east of Winnemucca. Energy generated can be put into the power grid many places without impacting this beautiful valley.

Please oppose any large solar collection in Carson Valley.

Lee Rathbun



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