Past Pages for Friday, March 20, 2015

140 Years Ago

Capitol Square — fence. The Board of State Capitol Commissions adopted plans laying out the grounds of the square and for the style of fence to surround it. Controller Hobart outlined the plan as follows: From each corner of the grounds and opening upon a macadamized circle surrounding the Capitol, carriage ways 12 feet in width themselves also to be macadamized, will be constructed. On either side of these broad avenues will be a dressed sandstone curb. The pedestrian walks six feet in width will be constructed opposite the four doors of the State House. There will be one fountain erected that will stand in a circle made for its reception in front of the east elevation of the Capitol. There will be four hydrants in the four quarters of the grounds. The style of iron fence agreed upon is to be of wrought iron spear-head pickets, 1 1/4 inch in width and 3/8 inch in thickness. The fence is to be mounted on a dressed sandstone base, 18 inches high.

130 Years Ago

Eclipse. Jake Klein, John Rosser and Dan Kitzmeyer gave the signal for the sun to begin to get obscure and saw that everyone had all the smoked glass they wanted. Several chickens went to roost and Doc Benton, thinking it was night, started to go to bed.

110 Years Ago

Hazen murder. Clyde Taylor was riding horseback with a young lady named Cook when three men came upon them. Mr. Taylor dismounted and one of the ruffians discharged a pistol bringing Mr. Taylor to the ground. The young ladies’ horse took off, and the robber fired a shot at the girl. She rode to the nearest camp for help. Mr. Taylor’s wounds are mortal ...

70 Years Ago

Advertisement. “First showing in Carson City of Standard 1935 Models of electric washing machines, ironing machines, vacuum cleaners featuring Westinghouse, Thor, Maytag, Meadows, Easy ...”

50 Years Ago

Carson Comets. The Carson Recreation Department’s ski program at Sky Tavern ended for 300 participants with a “Fun Day.”

15 Years Ago

Arrested. Thomas Robert Soria, who worked for the Lake Tahoe Boys and Girls Club, was arrested in the death of Krystal Steadman.

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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