Cheers & Kudos: Jacks Valley puts emphasizes on reading program

Three cheers for Jacks Valley Elementary School on emphasizing so much on its reading program. You still have time to help them raise money for their reading challenge (30 books in 30 days).

Not only are they big on reading, here are a few other things they are excited about — they are on their ninth year with Safe School Ambassador program, and they are on their sixth year of Bully Blockers.

These programs would not work unless they have a compassionate counselor and principal foreseeing these programs. Mrs. Gilmartin and Jackie Hostler, you are the best.

They had an Invention Convention this year; they had six preschool family nights and two ESL family nights this year; Carol Patrick and Kristy McBroom are the head secretary’s and go above their call of duty. Karen Norberg is an unbelievable librarian who finds books for every type of reader. The writing at Jack Valley Elementary School has been outstanding thanks to Jan Matts, Chris Jezeks, and Brandi Torres. We can’t forget the great nurse Pat and the outstanding work of playground aides like Nancy Brazeau who keep the playgrounds safe.

Most of these children will be going to Carson Valley Middle School where it has been ranked with a five star for the last three years. Pam Gilmartin, you should be proud of your pride and joys both past and present ones.

To these great staff members, thank you. My family has been personally blessed by all you wonderful people. I am glad to say my child is thriving at Douglas High with a 4.1 grade-point average with the help like schools like yours. Kudos to you all.

Sunni Enciso



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