Storey County Fire saves thousands with new chassis

The Storey County Fire Protection District used a little ingenuity with its latest ambulance upgrade, resulting in a $66,000 savings, a result of recycling an old ambulance box and placing it on a new chassis.

“The county fire staff took such good care of our ambulance box, that we were able to realize a substantial savings by simply purchasing a new chassis and having it installed,” Gary Hames, fire chief for Storey County Fire Protection District, said. “New ambulances can cost around $180,000 and our investment of $114,000 resulted in saving our valuable tax dollars. What’s even more impressive, is that after nine years, the boxes are still serviceable considering the thousands of medical emergencies that it was involved with. It’s a true testament to the team for the care they have for our equipment.”

This is the first of three recycled upgrades that are currently in process. Upon completion, the district will save an estimated total of $198,000.

The refurbished price includes having a flatbed put on the old chassis so it can still be used as a utility vehicle for dozer support, diesel fuel cells and other support equipment.

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