Letters to the editor for Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Repair Carson City’s roads

Right on, Jim Shaw! Don’t ruin our downtown; it’s not broken.

I say, repair our roads!

Louisa Vanderlinden

Carson City

Focus on younger, not older voters

Concerning Lori Schaefer’s commentary of March 25, so it goes, if you are an older American, a poor American, a minority, or if you are disabled, you are either too confused or too stupid to figure out how to vote.

I currently belong to the elderly group. I grew up with little money and yet, lo and behold, I know how and where to cast my ballot, as does my wife. When we cast our ballots, we see familiar faces of elderly, poor, minority and disabled voters who usually outnumber the young, strong, educated voters.

Maybe Lori should reevaluate her social engineering strategy and look more toward encouraging our younger folks to vote.

Keep smiling,

Mike Van Camp



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