An ounce of mother worth pound of energy

Jewish saying: God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.”

Mothers not only have the ability to exhibit caring ubiquity, but in the minds of many little folks, God has become personified as a Father-Mother God. So, when they need to contact one or the other of that oneness of God, here is what can happen:

A little boy had been bad — in his mother’s eyes — so in scolding her obstinate six year old ( who always liked to play-talk on his telephone) she told him to get on his telephone now, ask for God, and tell him how bad he had been.

When the little boy got off the phone, he appeared sad and dejected. So his mother asked him, “Well, did you talk to God, my son?” The little fellow replied, “No, I didn’t, mom. God wasn’t in, but I talked to Mrs. God ... and now it’s going to be all over heaven.”

Just ‘cause ...

Not for all the pleasures you gave me,

Nor the words of loving approval ...

Not for times you were wont to rave me

Do I love you most of all:

Nor for flesh of flesh of each other,

And our unity with the One ...

But, I love you just ‘cause you’re my mother,

Please love me just ‘cause I’m your son!

“An ounce of Mother is worth a pound of energy.” — Spanish proverb.


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