Nancy Dallas: Gross receipts tax is a death tax for business

All Nevadans should be in opposition to SB 252, the Gross Receipts tax. Even though it is being presented as such by many, this is not a partisan issue. It is purely an economic issue.

It simply befuddles me the governor proposed as his major revenue producer a bill that places the full economic burden on the gross receipts of all Nevada businesses, except, of course, gaming and mining ... and it passed the Nevada Senate with only four votes in opposition and no consideration of options.

How can anyone with a conscience support a revenue generating bill mirroring the Gross Receipts (Margins Tax) tax referendum defeated by Nevada voters by a 4-1 margin (429,324 to 115,891) in the same 2014 election the governor and most legislators were elected/re-elected to their current office.

It appears the voters of this state are smarter than those they elected!

If this bill, as written, is passed out of the Legislature we will see the death of many, many marginal businesses in this state, elimination of many jobs, swelling of the unemployment rolls and, increased prices for consumers. And the detrimental effects will not discriminate between businesses run by Democrats or Republicans.

While I certainly do not like to see new and higher fees and taxes, I will leave the arguments to others more astute than I in such matters as to whether new revenue is actually needed or not, or how much is needed, to improve the quality of our public educational system and meet other needs.

If this legislature approves a Gross Receipts tax and it is subsequently signed by the governor, every one of those 429,324 Nevada voters who voted against a Gross Receipts tax should consider this the greatest betrayal of the ballot initiative process and hardest slap in the face of integrity by our elected representatives in state history.

There has been and continue to be many questionable actions taken by the Republican majority during this historic session, but no other issue has the actual proof of the desire of the people of this state than the Gross Receipts tax. If a 4-1 margin of public opinion against such a tax (or any issue) cannot deter our representatives, including the Governor, from thumbing their noses at the spoken will of the public, than I would say those Nevada officials are shameless and obvious puppets to the will of greedy ambitions and political pressures.

If it is determined by our legislators that additional revenue is needed, it should be a simple assumption (a no-brainer!) that other options than a Gross Receipts tax must be considered. Legislators MUST be willing to look at and consider alternatives.

SB 252 is now in the hands of the Assembly. I hope we will see some additional and beneficial debate on this entire issue in the coming weeks ... and then, perhaps, our legislators will find some sorely needed moral fortitude and redemption.

(I challenge each of you to read SB 252 as passed by the Senate. This 37 page bill reads like the Federal Tax Code and is just as hard to comprehend. Intentionally?)

Think about it.

Nancy Dallas

Publisher/Editor, NewsDesk,


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