Letters to the editor for Saturday, May 16, 2015

Mack — Tax on us, good: tax on business: bad

It was astounding that Doreen Mack’s column on April 29 did not give me a heart attack.

How is it that the head of the 20/20 business group, who supported a tax increase on all of us in order to help them, now turns around and says a tax on them to help us is very bad?

Our Board of (I want a legacy) Supervisors (less one) fell for this group’s passion in order to give the board something to hang their hat on to “save” Carson City. If anyone, now, cannot see the hypocrisy of the 20/20 group, you should be ashamed.

It seems that the group now says, “I have my wishes, forget about yours,” is fully out in the open.

It is time for our supervisors to come clean and care more about our children and schools then a small bunch of self-serving, business owners (non property owners) that have nothing to sell to the folks that are paying for their improvements.

Michael Tipton

Carson City


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