Past Pages for Wednesday, May 20, 2015

140 Years Ago

Fire. Virginia City, May 19 — At 5 o’clock this afternoon a fire broke out. The origin of the fire was in Resonbaum’s furniture store on B Street, loss is very heavy. The Masonic Hall is damaged, the roof caught fire and upper stories damaged by fire and water. Williams & Bixler’s building, Buckner and Redding’s loss is very heavy and Tinker & Sheppard lost $5,000. The firemen accomplished wonders.

130 Years Ago

Loco weed. If a horse tries to turn a somersault over a wire fence, walk backwards into a grocery store ... they say he’s locoed. The loco weed produced insanity in horses. It takes about five days to get over it, and when he does, then he goes off to hunt some more.

110 Years Ago

Notice. Plans and specifications wanted for the erection of a two-story stone building with basement on the Capitol Grounds in Carson City, suitable for Supreme Court and State Library building has been provided for by an Act of the Legislature March 1, 1905 ... Total cost not to exceed $40,000.

70 Years Ago

Classified ads. Tomato plants for sale. Horses broken, gentled and trained to suit owner, 108 Musser. Lost — No. 4 ration book. Please return to F. Beckman, 108 Proctor Street.

50 Years Ago

Cottey College Scholarships. Vicki Harris of Carson City was named recipient of the P.E.O. Nevada State Cottey College Scholarship.

15 Years Ago

(Continued from Tuesday) Questions in the time capsule were — the price of gas, political party of the president, population of Carson City.

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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