Letters to the editor for Sunday, May 24, 2015

Thank a veteran today

Veterans, veterans, oh, what a day!

Fought for our county the U.S. of A.

So many troops

On them we do bank.

Our many freedoms

To them we do thank.

Mothers, fathers, daughters, sons too,

Paid the ultimate sacrifice,

For our freedoms too.

Now, my blessings are to thank you,

For the wars that you fought

We cannot take for granted

The freedoms that were sought.

I hope that mankind will someday stop the wars,

So our brave men and women won’t be lost anymore.

Thank you, thank you!

Please, thank a veteran today!

Jenny Schnabel

Carson City

Is sky the limit for pet projects

To the Board of Supervisors, Mayor Crowell, and Mr. Marano,

In regards to you voting again on the animal shelters cost, I sure hope you are watching our dollars when your pet projects (MAC building and the $27 million downtown project) cost comes under scrutiny.

When the Board of Supervisors voted for us on using our tax dollars to spend $27 million to rip up perfectly good streets downtown, there was nothing said about spending money on your “bells and whistle” amenities. You know like the community plaza on West Third St., heated sidewalks, and $10,000 historical benches for downtown. So the sky’s the limit for your pet projects, eh?

The cheapest project and most needed project that was originally supposed to be second most important project, you have kept putting on the back burner. But break ground for a playground at the Boys and Girls Clubs first, because it is in desperate need. Like our animals don’t need care now.

Voters, wake up! There are very important elections coming up and people that need to be voted out.

Sunni Heinrichs


Fine the NFL idiot, not the Patriots

It is past time for everyone to put some common sense into this NFL PSI football nonsense. If there needs to be any investigation into it, let’s start with investigating and finding the idiot up there in the NFL who came up with the idea that all the balls should be in the 12.5 to 13.5 range. It is not just stupid, but completely unfair. It is supposed to be fair to all. Just the opposite. Use some common sense. Think about it.

It is unfair to every quarterback that likes it out of that range. If they like it in that range, fine. Let’s say a quarterback likes it at 14, or another at 11.5. They are being discriminated against.

Logic says to completely eliminate the unfair rule and let each quarterback have the footballs the way he wants them.

I have never been a Patriots fan until now. Thanks, Tom, for breaking that very unfair rule. Other quarterbacks should have done the same.

Come on, NFL, who is that idiot up there in your ivory tower who thought up that unfair rule?

Fine him, not the Patriots.

John O. Rough

Carson City

Appeal front page on Mother’s Day bit disturbing

I found it a bit disturbing that the front page of the paper on May 10 featured a picture of an old electric chair and a prison safe on Mother’s day.

Instead, I think it would have been more fitting to honor all the mothers and Mildred May Lyman, who just turned 100.

So, I am wishing a belated “happy birthday” to Mildred and “happy Mother’s Day” to all the mothers.


Frances M. Payson

Carson City

Barbara’s right, son Jeb shouldn’t run

I agree with Barbara Bush — Jeb Bush should not run!

According to Jeb Bush, illegal immigrants are superior to American entrepreneurs and workers in every way. Latin American countries must be great utopias. I do agree that they come here out of love. Drug cartels, Mexican Mafia, MS-13 and other gangs come here for love of American money.

Jeb Bush’s views on Common Core, deportation, border control and amnesty are the same as the current administration.

On the other hand, there’s Hillary Clinton. Hillary is well known for shady transactions and inability to be truthful.

Out of hundreds of millions of people, the only choices are another Bush or Clinton?

There has to be better choices!

J.L. Renner


Hurray for AB332

Hurray for AB332. If a local government doesn’t like to pay sales taxes, too bad — it’s their idea imprimis.

Many projects governments do are for non-government reasons; like reelection or personal political legacies.

Since when has government cared about budgets? The feds print more money, the states, counties and cities pick a sacred cow like education or safety and raise taxes. Sometimes they call it, “caring for you.”

Maybe if more non governance stuff was over budget it would get eliminated, instead of done.

Reno is now trying to think of a way to utilize a $10 million gift it got. Why don’t they just send it back from whence it came? That’s what Kenny Guinn did as governor when he over budgeted for taxes; and still managed to use education as justification by creating the Millennium Scholarship Fund. Just another government program and more bureaucrats to run it.

What will the poor saps paying for this do when 51 percent of our population works for government? We won’t have to bother going to the polls anymore. Everything will be prearranged for us. Those involved can elect themselves.

Saving taxpayers money? Who gets the savings? Or is it just reapplied to another hair brained vote getting legacy?

As for contractor markups? Simply don’t allow them to do that, but do it for everybody else as well. It’s easy enough for anyone to get a quote with or without tax applied.

Pete Bachstadt

Carson City


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