Nevada Appeal at 150: June 22, 1911 — Repairs being made on Lake Tahoe road

This continues the Appeal’s review of news stories and headlines during its Sesquicentennial year.

Repairs being made on Lake Tahoe Road

Work to Start From Both Ends of Important Highway

This morning an additional fifteen men were placed on the state highway near Lake View...

Word was received from Mr. Henningsen at Glenbrook this morning that he had a crew of repair men on the Kings Canyon road and had blasted out a number of boulders and had the road clear on his end of the line...

This morning three machines came to this city from Reno headed for the Lake. They were stopped by Commissioner Kitzmeyer and warned not to take the Kings Canyon road.


When the road is repaired it would be a wise plan to prepare a number of sign boards at both ends of the route. This should be done at the summit as it is possible for an auto party to mistake Clear Creek road for Kings Canyon, as they both open at that point. A sign should be posted at or near the fountain at the foot of King Street. Too much attention cannot be given this matter as it will draw many an auto party to this city during the summer months and may establish a route that will become famous from all the adjoining states. It is the only practical route to California and it is far easier for the Reno people to drive this way than take the long route via Auburn and the Southern Pacific summit. The run can be made from Sacramento to Carson in a day, and it was made in less than ten hours by several machines last summer when they came to this section for the Jeff Johnson fight.

It would be a good plan to have cards printed and sent to Sacramento and Placerville routing parties over the Kings Canyon route. It brings the trade this way and that is what Carson is after. The cost would be little and once established means hundreds of visitors annually.


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