Letters to the editor for Friday, May 29, 2015

Walters gave little on climate change

While reading the opinion page of the Nevada Appeal I saw the column by Kathy Walters. The first sentence started with a hike along the Fay-Luther trail in Carson Valley. The next sentence stated in part about how she was “ruminating over how our culture’s values must profoundly shift if we are to avoid a catastrophic climate change.” Wow! So now, after reading that opening, I read on to learn what “values” we can change without returning to the 1800s lifestyles.

While the rest of the column was entertaining, as I learned about viewing bears while hiking and the beautiful vista of the Carson Valley, it told me nothing further about climate change (the new term for the abandoned “global warming” phrase that gained no traction with the public due to faulty modeling and outright distortion of facts) or how we were going to cope with the “change.” One might think that with such a bold opening statement, there would be a little more meat on the plate, so to speak. Nope, it was not to be as there were no further climate change discussion.

I did enjoy her description of her hike, though, as it has given me another reason to hike that area and experience what it has to offer, except for the bear part. I wouldn’t mind seeing a bear, or several for that matter, but a respectable distance of 75 to 100 yards seems reasonable. My camera does have a zoom lens, after all.

David Knighton

Carson City


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