Nevada Legislature: Lawmakers unveil plan to close entertainment tax loopholes

Lawmakers are unveiling changes to Nevada’s live entertainment tax that they say will capture revenue from an evolving entertainment landscape and close confusing loopholes.

Republican Sen. Mark Lipparelli presented the much-anticipated changes on Thursday as an amendment to SB266.

The bill proposes a 9 percent tax on live entertainment and an 8 percent rate for boxing matches. The existing system imposes a 5 percent or 10 percent tax depending on the size of the venue.

The measure would include escorts but not prostitutes, and also clarifies that outdoor entertainment events such as festivals would be taxed.

Lipparelli said the existing law is confusing and full of exemptions. He said SB266 would clear up ambiguities and help broaden the tax base.

The bill is expected to get a committee vote Friday.


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