Carson City Board of Supervisors tackles pacts, redevelopment ideas

Carson City’s Board of Supervisors made the final payment Thursday on a $1.5 million city fleet facility expansion project after quizzing Public Works officials about work change orders.

The project at 3303 Butti Way had been bid at more than $1.45 million. It included more than $76,000 in change orders, reaching more than $1.5 million. The final payment authorized Thursday for $76,606 goes to Geney/Gassiot, Inc., but seven of the 27 change orders were explained and others were discussed under board questioning.

At one point, Supervisor Brad Bonkowski questioned putting back in any items that had been value-engineered out of a project, asking they not just be returned because there’s contingency money available.

“That’s not what the contingency is for,” said Bonkowski.

In other contracts, the board authorized purchase of six vehicles for the sheriff’s office at a not-to-exceed cost of $238,700 and accepted as completed work on the Carson City Landfill Entrance project, releasing a final payment of $14,176 to ARMAC Construction, LLC. The total landfill entry project cost was $150,765.

The board, acting as the Redevelopment Authority, accepted recommendations for possible use of $2 million in redevelopment money over the next five years but added one of its own. Mayor Robert Crowell sought consideration for a William Street/U.S. Highway 50 business corridor Greening of America’s Capitals enhancement via redevelopment funds.

The board decided to authorize a full-time youth advisory position at Carson City’s juvenile detention center rather than continuing to use part time on-call advisors. The cost initially will be minimal at $19.10 hourly, but eventually will go higher as pay will mount toward $28.66 an hour or $87,258 with benefits.

The board authorized acceptance of a Hospital Preparedness Program Ebola preparedness and response activities sub-grant. It’s for $48,630.

Board members also named Linda Law, a pilot, businesswoman and former state government policy analyst, to serve on the city’s Airport Authority. She was selected from among three volunteer candidates.


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