Letters to the editor for Thursday, Nov. 12, 2015

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City’s livability touted on retirement list

I love it — the place we call home, Carson City, is the fifth best place to retire in all of America. Mayor Crowell, city manager, city supervisors — sit up and take note of the fact that the retirement list is not based on what you plan to do to our beautiful downtown, but what we have going on today.

I and many others are still opposed to the plan of narrowing Carson Street. I have yet to meet a single person who has history in Carson City in favor of this plan. The plan for the downtown is based on the hope of a positive fiscal outcome. Nothing based on fact — just the hope that businesses will come and people will support them.

Anyone who has taken the time to truly look at the downtown area can see there is limited potential for business growth and development. Between the state and city entities and the casinos and their parking lots, there just isn’t room for the kind of growth that supports the plan. There are some who say we have to try something. We are considered the fifth best place to retire in America today — why do we have to try something?

I encourage everyone to remember their representative and what their position was on the plan to narrow Carson Street, especially when it comes time to vote for a representative who truly represents you. Fifth greatest place to retire in America — our hometown!

Tod B. Jennings

Carson City


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