‘Pillowcase’ victims may have testified in wrong burglaries

Tracey Lock

Tracey Lock

MINDEN — Sentencing was delayed Monday for a former Gardnerville man accused of burglarizing several Douglas County homes.

Attorney Derrick Lopez said because Douglas County victims may have testified at Tracey Lee Lock’s sentencing in Carson City, that process may have to be redone.

Prosecutor Rick Casper sought a continuance, saying the victims in the case had the right to speak, but may have been confused.

While victims have the right to speak at a sentencing, it has to be in the jurisdiction where the offense occurred.

Lopez didn’t oppose Casper’s motion to continue Lock’s sentencing to Dec. 14.

District Judge Tom Gregory pointed out Lock’s pre-sentence investigation contained material from the Carson City burglaries, something he asked be removed.

Lock, 41, will be sentenced the same date as accomplice Travis Lieberwirth, 37.

Casper said all but one of the victims would overlap in those two cases.

Both Lock and Lieberwirth have admitted to burglarizing several Carson Valley homes as part of a three-county burglary ring believed to have been involved in about 30 different break-ins.

Dubbed the pillowcase burglaries, those responsible took jewelry, electronics and other easy to carry items in a pillowcase removed from the victims’ home.

The case was cracked after neighbors in Foothill spotted a vehicle that was traced to Lieberwirth.

In all, seven people were arrested in connection with the case. Casper said Lock and Lieberwirth were the only two being prosecuted in Douglas County.

Lock was sentenced to 4-10 years in prison in Carson City on Oct. 5 for his role in the burglaries there.

He faces 6-15 years in prison related to the Douglas County charge. Lock spent 11 years in prison for the 2003 armed robbery of a Gardnerville restaurant.

Lieberwirth also faces up to 15 years in prison.


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