Sandy Hellman-Horton: Carson Senators honor fallen player

On Friday, Nov. 6, I had the opportunity to attend the playoff game between Carson High and Spanish Springs. As loyal supporters of Spanish Springs, we were hoping for a win. It didn’t turn out that way, but it was still a good game. I no longer have a son playing football, but my other children and I still attend each football game to cheer for and support the team we have grown to love.

After the game was over and the teams returned to their sidelines, I was confused when they were called back to the center of the field. I watched as both teams came together in a circle and took a knee. It looked like they were possibly praying, but I figured they were getting the “it was a good season ... you gave it your best, hold your head high” speech, as I know it was an emotional game for many of the graduating seniors.

I was speechless when the players returned to the fence line and informed me they were, in fact, praying. They were all praying together in honor of Spanish Springs’ fallen brother. That fallen brother is my son, Chase Hellman (who I wish with all my heart would have been on that football field but passed away on July 4).

I can’t tell you how this touches me. The fact another team (the opposing team!) came together with ours to remember my son and offer prayers, kind thoughts, good vibes or any other kind of warm wishes was admirable and commendable. As a mom, it brings me great comfort to know my son is remembered. It’s always my fear he’s going to be forgotten. The Carson High football team and coaches definitely have my heartfelt respect. I can’t tell you how much their gracious gesture meant not only to me, but to Chase’s brothers and to his teammates. Their unexpected kindness and compassion was appreciated, probably more than the players will ever understand.

As a community, you should be proud of the boys you’re raising and the men who are coaching them. If you know any of them or see one of them in a football jersey, please give them a pat on the back or a warm hug from an appreciative momma.

Sandy Hellman-Horton is a Sparks resident.


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