4 from Carson City place in Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources’ Nevada Recycles Program art contest

In celebration of America Recycles Day, the Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources’ Nevada Recycles Program partnered with The Venetian and The Palazzo in Las Vegas in a statewide recycled art contest to raise awareness of recycling.

More than 100 artists statewide, ranging from students in kindergarten through 12th grade to adults, submitted photos of their artwork composed of recyclable materials. Entries included a diversity of innovative designs and imaginative artwork using materials such as tires, electronics, appliances, plastic bags, bottles, batteries, discarded paper, cardboard and aluminum cans.

Entries were judged based on overall appearance, originality, workmanship and use of recyclable material.

The winners are:


1st Place - Peacock Treasure (Malia Navarro, Reno)

2nd Place - re”CYCLE”ing bikes (Stella Thornton, Carson City)

3rd Place - We all Live in a Yellow “Bottle” Submarine (Amanda Cooper, Henderson)

Honorable Mention - Home Means Nevada (Ava Kronenberg, Elko)

Honorable Mention - Pencil 101 (Ingrid Lutes, Elko)

Honorable Mention - Peanut Percussion (Rayne Rawsthorne, Las Vegas)


1st Place - 12 Point Buck (Ethan Crum, Reno)

2nd Place - Rainbow Cake (Ella Martter, Las Vegas)

3rd Place - Rainbow Vase (Alyssa Buenting, Reno)

Honorable Mention - Whale at Low Tide (Brianna Cherry, Reno)


1st Place - Stop the Presses (Frejya Roark, Henderson)

2nd Place - Eyeris (Ysabel Reyes, Las Vegas)

3rd Place - Redneck (Hunter Burrows, Lovelock)

Honorable Mention - The Recycled Piñon Pine (Jessica Preston, Carson City)


1st Place - Digital Storyteller (Dan Hottle, Reno)

2nd Place - Car Dump Collage (Marti Bein, Reno)

3rd Place - CD Key Flowers (Lisa Sheppard, Carson City)

Honorable Mention - Beauty in Recycling (Emily J. Cervi, Carson City)

Honorable Mention - Shanty Dreams (Macario Mendoza, Reno)

Honorable Mention - Ghost of Flight 19 (Michael Davies, Las Vegas)


1st Place – The Magpie Weave (Alexander Dawson School, 6th grade class, teacher Ms. Cook, Las Vegas)

2nd Place - Spring (John F. Miller School, teacher Ms. Barnes, Las Vegas)

3rd Place - Plastic Dragon (Hoggard Math and Science Magnet, 2nd grade, teacher Ms. Walley, Las Vegas)

Honorable Mention - Halloween Village (I Can Do Anything High School, 9-12 grades, teacher Nazanin Arastoozadeh, Reno)

Honorable Mention - Meet the Wasters (Moapa Valley High School, 9-12 grades, teacher Tammie Archibald, Overton)

Honorable Mention - The Crying Indian: Recycling Saves All of Us (Word of Life Christian Academy, 7th grade, teacher Mrs. Newmiller, Las Vegas)

Honorable Mention - Chihuly inspired Macchia (Oasis Academy, 2-4 grades, teacher Ann Johnson, Fallon)

All contest entries may be viewed on the Nevada Recycles program Flickr page, www.flickr.com/photos/nevadarecycles/albums.

In 2014, Nevada’s recycling rate was 23.4%. Nevadans (including the tourist population) throw away about 7 pounds of trash, per person, per day. That’s about three million tons of trash going to a landfill every year.

“We’re thrilled that the recycled art contest attracted such an impressive collection of creative recycled art pieces from artist throughout Nevada. We hope that the contest has helped to inspire Nevadans, both young and old, to make recycling a way of life,” said Rene Braña, Sustainability Manager for Las Vegas Sands Corp.’s Global Sustainability Strategy, Sands Eco 360˚.


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