Letters to the editor for Thursday, Nov. 19, 2015

EPA has been off the mark

Let’s talk about our atmospheric weather conditions. During the seventies, the Environmental Protection Agency said that our gasoline exhaust atoms were being multiplied many times over when exposed to the summer heat, thereby producing a health hazard called “smog.” Cooler weather and cooler seasons were not hazardous. Summer winds also lessened and/or eliminated hazardous air conditions.

In any event, automobile engines and exhaust systems began their ongoing modification process. As did the many manufacturing processes. Oil companies joined in the process changes, too! Electronic manufacturing, on the other hand, revolutionized their entire industry, thereby eliminating most of their pollution problems by 1990.

Now was the time to reengage oil production and manufacturing back into our Gross Domestic Product production. Congress and its EPA chose instead to strengthen the Endangered Species Act. The human species was once more not included!

Manufacturing and oil production continued its decline. The use of coal and natural gas increased (some of it was foreign.) Eight recessions held the economy hostage between 1960 and 2012.

Today, the EPA tells us that the earth’s atmosphere controls all our weather patterns. Not the periodic changes in the earth’s axis, or the variations in the sun’s energy level. The sun’s various energy level changes probably determine the earth’s axis and for the most part, our ongoing seasonal changes. Not the auto or manufacturing exhaust systems.

A recent EPA audit determined that they spent $60 million on public relations last year.

Ron Wood


NFL fans punished by TV schedule

Another Sunday of NFL mediocrity on TV. Oakland and San Francisco, ugh. Not all Northern Nevada fans are from the Bay Area. I’m sure there are thousands of us who would rather watch a meaningful game.

Chuck Byrne

Carson City


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