Accidents prompt warning about feral horses in Washoe Valley

In the wake of the second accident in the past week, the Nevada Department of Agriculture is warning motorists to be extremely alert for feral horses on Eastlake Boulevard in Washoe Valley.

A spokesman said most recently, a motorist was hospitalized Friday morning after hitting two feral horses at Old 395 and Rawhide Drive in Eastlake.

“Horses in this area are crossing roadways in search of feed and water sources,” said Flint Wright, animal industry administrator for the department.

He said drivers should just assume there will be horses on the road in that area.

Wright said both horses died when struck by the Granite Construction truck, which he said was totaled in the wreck.

He said the driver also sustained injuries.

“We’re doing everything we can to keep these animals off the road for public safety and the safety of the horses,” he said.

The horses are part of the Virginia Range herd which has been officially listed as consisting of estray and feral horses, not wild and free roaming horses.

Those same horses are also a problem in the Dayton corridor along Highway 50. Drivers in that area are also cautioned to be on the lookout for horses in the roadway, particularly between dusk and dawn when they are more difficult to see in time to avoid.

To report public safety problems involving horses in the Virginia Range, the Dayton corridor and Washoe Valley, people can call 775-353-3608 or email


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