Carson City Harley-Davidson not open for business

Carson City Harley-Davidson is currently not open for business.

The motorcycle dealership owned by J. Richard Tapia originally shut down a couple of weeks ago citing, according to its Facebook page, slow business on Nov. 13. It was supposed to open up again last Tuesday.

Instead, a sign was posted on all the dealership’s doors stating: “Due to a systemwide outage, we are currently closed. We will be extending the contest another week.”

There was no information available to explain what that sign means.

Despite several calls, Tapia and other officers of the company could not be reached.

A Monday visit to the store confirmed that the sign was still taped to the inside of the doors. Despite the fact that the neon sign in the window flashed that the dealership was “OPEN,” the doors were locked and no one was seen inside.

Tapia and his wife Roberta are listed with the Nevada Secretary of State’s office as officers in several corporations, all at the dealership’s 2900 Research Way address.


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