Letters to the editor for Saturday, Nov. 28, 2015

Farmer’s commentary right on recreational marijuana

I have read the Appeal daily for approximately 30 years. The only editorial commentary I read now is Guy Farmer’s column when it appears. His opinions are worth reading because he tries to be objective and usually succeeds. However, some time ago he submitted a commentary extolling the virtues of Harry Reid, particularly his record of bringing revenue back to the State of Nevada. At the time, I was reading a financial newsletter about the states and how much federal spending per dollar of federal taxes were returned to each state. Nevada ranked 49th with 65 cents spent in Nevada for every dollar collected in federal taxes.

He is right on with his stand on the dangers of recreational marijuana. I recently read an article in the Denver Business Journal about a company (Little Spider Creations) that is moving to South Carolina because of employees coming to work high on marijuana. So far, the owner has let go 25 employees because, while buzzed on marijuana, their performance is not what it used to be and they think poor workmanship is adequate. Colorado has legalized recreational marijuana, and at least one child has died because it got into their parent’s stash. I’m with you, Guy!

Don Gurney

Carson City

Why are we still looking for answers?

If there were no deity, man would create one; just so he would have something to blame for everything. The same applies to government, and we certainly chose to create some of those. At three levels, no less.

Why does God allow all these bad things to happen? The truth is, he doesn’t. What he does allow is for mankind to make choices like these for himself. It’s nothing new; It’s just becoming a little more noticeable right now.

We insist on running around kissing each other’s butts, talking about how wonderful we are. After all, weren’t we created in God’s image? We have souls, but nothing else does? Are we thinking more of ourselves than is necessary? Are we relying too much on our own understanding? Only personal agendas matter? After all this time, why are we still looking for answers?

The quickest way up is to first go down. First the cross, then the crown. For those that refuse to trust their first cause, some humility would still help the rest of us.

Pete Bachstadt

Carson City


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