Letters to the editor for Sunday, Nov. 29, 2015

Lift the world above

Like poison to the hearts of all

Who try to live with loving ways

The hate promoted by mad dog terrorists

On far too many days

Will some ever realize

We’re here to learn to love

By lifting each other up

We lift the world above

Inhuman are the hateful

Insane are those who do applaud

Murder of the innocent

In the name of God

Tho fear falsely shows power

Love and only love

Can cancel hate and fear

And lift the world above

Light candles for the children

And all those now passed away

Hate cannot compete with love

And will be no more in coming days

J. Paul Horgan

Virginia City

Earth celebrated at interfaith gathering

I was very moved at the 8th annual Interfaith Thanksgiving celebration, whose theme was “Giving thanks for our Earth, Planet and the Natural World.” Leaders from Jewish, Buddhist and Christian communities spoke about the theme from their various faith traditions; every one of them emphasized the importance of going outside for our spiritual and emotional well-being. One told us about a little girl who noticed that everything changes outside — sounds, the light, wind moving the trees — unlike in her room (unless her mother had come in to clean it up!).

I would like that little girl, and all children, to grow up in a world that is cared for sustainably. To learn about an interfaith study group on climate change and what to do about it, please contact Reverend Dixie Jennings-Teat at the Carson City United Methodist Church at 1umc@sbcglobal.net.

With good wishes to all,

Kathy Schwerin

Carson City

Developers responsible for keeping wild horses safe

The Nevada Department of Transportation is slowly fencing open range sections along US 50 in Lyon County. This will make the highway safer for motorists and wild horses alike. But Lyon County doesn’t ask enough from developers. The result is increased liability hazard for the county.

Local horse advocacy organizations documenting wild horses as part of a new program of darting mares with a two-year birth control vaccine, learn about movements of horse populations. We know many horses that often frequent the Mound House area have shifted over to Washoe Valley as part of their fall migration. In Dayton Valley, many more come into neighborhoods. Their main access is through dead-end streets adjacent to open range.

Trapping and removal does not solve the problem, as more horses will come. This fall the Nevada Department of Agriculture trapped and removed a well known resident horse family which has been frequenting the Mark Twain and Riverview areas for many years. Now other horses have quickly infiltrated neighborhoods and are getting hit on the highway while in the act of crossing US 50 from one neighborhood to another. Developers should be required to maintain fences in construction areas and seal off dead-end streets.

Dorothy Nylen


Let’s think again before ripping up downtown

Dear voters,

Elections are coming up in 2016 for Mayor, Ward 2 Supervisor and Ward 4 Supervisor.

I have one question for all of you wanting to be reelected. But, before I ask; I would like you all to look up the website Only in Nevada and then Google the Top 7 Main Street to visit. In third place is Carson City as it is today.

My question is: Why is there a need to spend $27 million borrowed tax payer to rip up the downtown? I hope you can respond with a real answer for the voters and not the special interest groups.

Looking forward to your answers, Mr. Mayor, Bonkowski and all the others on the Board of Supervisors behind this expensive boondoggle of a project.

Sunni Enciso


Wake up and see what’s happening to national security

Let us open up Ellis Island. We used this to screen refugee in the past, why is it wrong to screen possible terrorist from Syria who are already coming across our southern borders unverified to their intentions? Will it take another civil war to keep our sovereignty as a free and safe nation again?

I grew up before the second world war and remember the “detention” camps set up to house Japanese citizens, and not too many people opposed the action. I believe the reasoning at that time was, you couldn’t tell a good Japanese from a bad one. Isn’t the same reasoning with a peaceful Muslim and a radical one? After a reasonable time, we can assimilate them into our nation as a citizen, as long as they can be proven to be loyal ones.

I’m very weary about our government. It appears the lawmakers as well as the Executive branch are more interested in keeping their high standards of living instead of taking actions to protect the people they represent. I’m talking about both parties. We should be more interested in our nation than our political affiliation. Please keep this in mind when you vote next year, if we can hold out that long.

Neil Powers

Carson City


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