Letters to the editor for Thursday, Oct. 15, 2015

Coexist for the good of humans and animals

An answer to Diane’s letter on Sept. 13 on our coyotes .... why don’t we take some humans from urban Carson in your area and drop them in the middle of Nevada (wherever that is!) and let them experience how wonderful it is to be displaced. We are the invaders who have taken over their natural habitat, let these humans see how it feels to learn lessons from nature!

We are the ones who need to learn to coexist with all of God’s creatures, and if we have pets, we must learn to keep them safer. It is our job to protect our beloved pets but not at the price you prefer. Coexisting is becoming a lost art and we tend to want to remove the little bit of natural resources we have left. I’m all for the coyotes, and to heck with those who arrived last!

Lee Vecchiarelli



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