Banner day: Faces of Carson City featured on downtown banners

Photo by Cathleen Allison/Nevada Photo Source

Photo by Cathleen Allison/Nevada Photo Source

Visitors to Carson City’s downtown will be greeted by faces of the people who live, play and work in Nevada’s capital city.

Joel Dunn, executive director of the Carson City Visitors Bureau, coordinated the campaign to create 177 two-by-three-foot banners that were hung up Tuesday night along Carson and Curry streets and Fairview Drive.

“It creates an awareness of all Carson City has to offer by showing actual people engaged in community events,” Dunn said. “It gives you a real feel for everything we have to offer.”

Funded through a $13,000 matching grant from Travel Nevada, the Downtown Business Association and the Carson City Cultural Commission also supported the project.

“It’s eye-catching,” said Mike Riggs, president of the Downtown Business Association. “Hopefully people will see a sign that means something to them. They will see a restaurant or a place to shop, and the sign will help lead them to that point.”

Dunn said the grant was designed to develop tourism in rural communities. The photos featured on the banners depict recreation, arts, entertainment and special events.

“This campaign fits right into our rebranding efforts to market Carson City as a diverse destination with year-round outdoor recreation opportunities,” he said. “These photos tell the story of people living and playing here.”

Dunn said he was particular to use local businesses. The photos were provided by Nevada Photo Source, owned by local photographer Cathleen Allison.

“As I was picking up the banners, I was awestruck by these amazing faces,” Dunn said. “Every image just makes you smile.”

Allison said she was honored to be part of the project.

“These are the everyday things I shoot and the everyday things we love about this town,” she said. “The things we can sometimes take for granted are the same things that will attract tourists to visit.”

The banners were printed by Vital Signs.

While the campaign is directed at visitors, Dunn said, it also can’t help but foster a sense of community pride.

“With 177 images of Carson City faces, you’ll be hard pressed not to recognize a familiar face,” he said. “It makes you proud to be part of this community.”


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