Northern Nevada JOIN program funded; 60 to find work

JOIN, Inc., a non-profit career training agency in Northern Nevada, announced Monday funding for enrollment of low-income young adults in free occupational skill courses.

JOIN, also sometimes called Job Opportunities in Nevada, announced the funding is from the U.S. Department of Labor and Nevadaworks to enroll young adults who are 18 to 24, and the skill courses are intended to lead to subsequent work placement in full time positions.

Ann Silver, JOIN executive director, said that WORKFORCE 60 is immediately available for enrollees. She said they should be in the designated age category, have a high school diploma or its equivalent, and be on public assistance.

The JOIN effort is to enroll persons from Carson City or these counties: Humboldt; Story; Churchill; Lyon, Mineral; Douglas; Esmeralda; White Pine; Pershing; Eureka or Elko. JOIN will coordinate the career training through various community colleges or private training providers. Space limitations are for 60 participants.

Participating employers will be compensated for up to 75 percent of a hired employee’s wages for up to eight weeks under the program’s terms. More information is available by calling (775) 785-6106 or emailing


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