Smoke in Carson City from Rough fire expected to clear by Wednesday afternoon

Smoke and haze from the California Rough Fire is expected to clear from Northern Nevada by Wednesday afternoon.

Winds from the south have pushed light smoke in from the fire, but southwest winds should push the haze back out of the area Wednesday said Reno National Weather Service Meteorologist Alex Honn.

Honn said that it is possible that the smoke may come back later in the week, however he said it is more likely that southwest/west winds will more likely push the haze into central Nevada. He expects areas such as Elko will experience the smoke later in the week.

The air quality as of Tuesday afternoon was moderate air quality, said Honn, not quite to the unhealthy inhalation mark.

The Rough Fire, burning west of Kings Canyon National Park in California, has grown to more than 77,000 acres as of Tuesday morning reported the U.S. Forest Service. The burn area is equivalent to two-thirds the area of the city of San Jose. It is reported that the current acreage makes it California’s biggest fire so far in 2015. Only 25 percent of the fire is contained as of Tuesday morning.


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