Letters to the editor for Sunday, Sept. 13, 2015

Where did our freedoms go?

I decided to watch my granddaughter’s soccer game at the Edmonds Sports Complex. I was shocked to learn that I had to sit on one side of the field because I did not have a criminal background check (even though I am a licensed physician and captain with the United States Coast Guard).

What has happened to our city and our country? When a grandfather can’t sit on one side of a sports field because of some rules created by government, it is time for all of us to reflect about the loss of freedom in a country that prides itself on being the “land of the free.”

I understand the concerns for the safety of our youngsters, but are we heading in the right direction?

If it is kidnappers or child molesters we are worried about, maybe we all should consider how to deal with the problem makers. We need to remove the child molesters and kidnappers from our society, without 10 appeals by a broken legal system, rather than taking away the freedom we all love.

Wake up, America. It might not be long before you are stopped and asked, “Show me your papers,” before you walk down the street. The people of Germany did not think it could happen. Remember, history repeats itself.

Michael J. Fischer

Carson City

Time to roundup the coyotes

I am writing in reference to the article about coyotes at Riverview. The coyotes have also returned to the Saliman area near the Wesleyan church.

My question is, why can’t the Bureau of Land Management trap the coyotes and take them out to the middle of Nevada where they will not be a danger to people or pets? I am sure most people will agree with me.

Diane Cox

Carson City

Supports Ted Cruz for president

This is to express my ardent support for Sen. Ted Cruz. This is a man who has proven to us he is not just another politician. He has repeatedly stood up to the players in Washington, D.C., to the favor of America’s citizens. His stance on foreign policy is strong and unwavering. His fierce support of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is what has won my heart. He has successfully and in some cases without cost, litigated important cases protecting the Bill of Rights at the United States Supreme Court and won.

With his intimate knowledge of constitutional law and the inner workings of the Supreme Court, I cannot think of a better man to fill the executive post, as it is the president that appoints Supreme Court Justices should the opportunity arise.

He wants to simplify the tax code and rid us of the rogue, unconstitutional, and at times tyrannical, IRS. He says what others are afraid to say, but he does it with class and decorum. He is refreshingly free of the need to bash his opponents.

In the small space I have here, I will not go further except to say that if you love America and the Constitution, please consider Sen. Ted Cruz for the Republican nomination for president.

Kate Morra

Carson City

Act of kindness doesn’t go unnoticed

While at the Laxalt Plaza listening to a great band on Sept. 5, we observed Nick Marano, Jr., marketing manager for the Carson Nugget, busy handling the event. He saw an elderly disabled gentleman in a wheelchair who wanted to go down a few stairs to get closer. Nick talked with the man and then drove the man and wheelchair through the casino out the front door and delivered him to the front of the band.

We saw this as an act of kindness from a young professional who could have done a number of other actions, including ignoring the situation.

Might I suggest that if you see a small act of kindness, write to the newspaper? We could all use some heartwarming items in the paper about the kind acts happening around our great community.

Genevieve Frederick

Carson City

The U.S. should become a humane society

In response a letter by Suzette Feilen on Aug. 30, while Suzette has some valid points, she isn’t describing the whole picture.

Hawks and owls seem to find food to keep a stable population. At least I haven’t been presented with any evidence to the contrary. One of their sources of food is cats. So in a twisted way, cats are helping feed the bird predator populations.

Yes, feral cats can transmit diseases to domestic cats, which is why domestic cats should be vaccinated and kept indoors. That is also why the trap-neuter-return programs vaccinate feral cats before they are released.

According to one study: “While feral cats do kill some birds, they prefer to kill rodents. Other issues, such as the decline of natural habitat and use of pesticides, have a greater negative impact on bird populations.”

Suzette, do you live in a house (less natural habitat)? Do you eat farmed foods (less natural habitat and, unless organic, use of pesticides)? Do you drive a car or use energy produced by fossil fuels (pollution affects all species, and scientists believe human-caused pollution is a driving force of climate change)? Do you have children (the greater population, the more natural environment is destroyed)?

The solution is not murdering feral cats (I refuse to use “euthanasia” when referring to the killing of a healthy life of any sentient being), it is in the TNR programs that reduce the populations and, as Suzette stated, spaying and neutering pets and keeping them indoors.

I suggest that we become a humane society and never use murder as the first choice to fix a problem.

Nancy McPherson



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